Pashko Olha

Phone: +38 098 710 27 87
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish


  • 1999 – andragogue (adult education), Federal Academy of Management of Austria, seminar on adult education in Switzerland;
  • 2018 – system coach, supervisor USSC/ANSE. Interned at Michigan Ross School of Business (US), Kellogg Business School (US), Carlson School of Management (US), KSAP (PL), North London University (GB).

Areas of activity and experience:

  • During twenty years teaching adults developing‘soft’, managerial, leadership skills and [practicing] body psychotherapy in Belarus, Moldova, [participating]in development projects of USIAD (US), DFID (GB), SIDA (SE), CIDA (CA), NAFE NL), GIZ (DE), ARGO (AU), with the Swedish Institute of Managementat the Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Six years of management experience;
  • Mentoring more than 20 project groups;
  • Author of the tutorial ‘Adult learning: challenges, specifics, interactive methods’, 2014.

Counseling formats:

Professional support in the form of training/supervision/coaching focuses on the interaction between people, work tasks, and organizations. The results are the development of competencies of individuals, teams, organizations, and their productivity in the areas of:

  • dealing with conflicts, stressful situations, time, responsibility;
  • clarification of problems, goals, aims;
  • expanding the repertoire: in decision-making, functions, and roles, methods of communication\cooperation\learning, work in\with projects.

Among other clients: SoftServe, Mens, Arterium, Gal-EXPO, Pizza Celentano, Halychpharm, Potato House, Eurosport, Keramika, SEBN.UA, FEST, Grave Moldova, Toroki, Lvivholod, Prinzhorn Group, Comfortbud, QArtrock, Nistrom Ukraine.