Due to merging into the Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe (ANSE: www.anse.eu), since the year 1997, the concept of supervision as an
independent profession with its standardized educational training, quality assurance
systems based on actual professional and scientific discussions and codes of ethics,
has been introduced throughout Europe.

Ukrainian Association of Supervision and Coaching (USSC) was founded in 2014. In 2018, when the first supervisors certified to a high European standard graduated, the USSC was recognized as the only full member of ANSE from Ukraine at the General Assembly in Budapest, giving certificate holders recognition of their qualifications in the 17 ANSE member countries. Members of educational programs according to the USSC standard become members of the association.

Ukrainian Association of Supervision and Coaching (USSC)

promotes the development of supervision and coaching in Ukraine by providing association members with support in their professional development, compliance with European standards of supervision and coaching education, and protection of common socio economic interests of members in the field of professional activity.

Key goals of USSC

1. Representation of common professional, scientific, economic, and social interests of individuals, groups, and institutions engaged in supervision and coaching.
2. Development of theory and practice of supervision and coaching.
3. Ensuring quality standards through the conduction of relevant events.
4. Informing the public about supervision and coaching, disseminating new knowledge about supervision and coaching, as well as about issues of professional ethics and consumer protection in this area.