Kechur Zvenyslava

Phone: +38 050 371 38 15


1994 – 1997 – Danylo Halytsky L’viv National Medical University, major ‘medical affair’;

1995 – 2000 – International project on psychotherapy ‘Truskavets 1995-2000’, direction ‘psychodynamic group psychotherapy’;

2001 – 2006 – German Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Dynamics (DAGG);

2008–2012 – The Han GröenPrakken Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe;

2013–2018 – International Supervision and Coaching Project (ANSE) – Certificate in (Individual) Systemic Coaching, completed education according to ANSE / USSC standards (2018).

Membership in professional associations and educational institutions:

Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UAP) – training analyst and supervisor;

European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (ECPP) – training analyst and supervisor;

European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) – sitting member, group training-analyst;

Ukrainian Psychotherapy University (UPU) – lecturer, supervisor;

Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA);

The organizer of the eight-year-long international theoretical and supervisory project ‘Psychoanalytic traditions of Europe and the USA;

The organizer of the international four-year-long theoretical and supervisory project ‘Psychosomatic medicine and modern psychoanalysis. At the intersection of capability and debility’ (2015 – 2019); Organizer of a new international four-year-long educational project on psychosomatic medicine (2015 – 2019);

Work experience:

Supervision in education, medicine, management, religious institutions, and organizations. Individual supervision for leaders;

Supervising psychotherapists (UAP and ECPP supervisor in the (psychoanalytic) psychodynamic group and individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis);

MD Psychotherapist;

Educational projects on psychoanalytic group psychotherapy;

(Psychoanalytic) psychodynamic individual and group psychotherapy.