Doskuch Lesya

Phone: +38 095 594 41 34
Languages: Ukrainian, English

Basic and additional education and work experience

Master of Management, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Master of Psychology, Institute of Personnel Training of the State Employment Service of Ukraine.

System Coach, “Systemic Coaching and Supervision Education Project” according to USSC / ANSE standards

Gestalt Therapy, Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic University

Own experience Educational project in the field of Gestalt therapy, Vinnytsia School of Psychotherapy.

“Propaedeutics of psychiatry”, USP. “Traumafocus”, USP.

Trauma Educator and psychological first aid, EMDR Ukraine / Sane Ukraine Project

Additional specialized courses in the areas.

Over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience, including in the field of adult education.

Over 10 years of experience in consulting in the field of psychology, management, business.

Over 8 years of experience in organizing and conducting educational programs, development and implementation of training courses.

Over 6 years of experience in psychotherapy, supervision and coaching.

Current practice:

psychological counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, supervision.

educational, therapeutic, supervision groups trainer.

author and trainer of educational programs, seminars, training in the field of business, personal development, effective communication, conflict management, etc. current topics.

manager of educational projects and events.

crisis consultant.

development of emotional intelligence.

Current work directions:

Individual and team coaching with requests:

  • crisis as an opportunity for development;
  • effective adaptation and reorientation in the new market conditions; 
  • resilience development in conditions of sustainable change;
  • procrastination and burnout, establishing effective time-management;
  • development of effective communication, constructive handling of conflicts;
  • from startup to organization – work with pain of growth;
  • family business.

Supervisory support of specialists, teams, organizations.