Dobrodniak Olena

Phone: +38 067 493 56 55
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

Education, professional path, additional competencies, qualifications
1987 – 1992 – Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Psychology
1994 – 1999 – International project on psychotherapy ‘Truskavets’ 1994 – 1999’ in the field of Family Systems Therapy. Received the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.
2008 – 2016 – International EMDR project. Certificate in Trauma Therapy. Certified therapist in EMDR.
2013 – 2018 – International Supervision and Coaching Project (ANSE) – certificate in (individual – почасти зустрічала без слова індивідуальний, в оригіналі, проте, воно є) systemic coaching, completed education according to ANSE / USSC standards (2018).

Areas of activity, experience, current activities
Supervision in education, healthcare, management.
Individual supervision for leaders
Supervising psychotherapists (Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy supervisor in the field of Family Systems Therapy)
Group psychotherapy
Development groups
Educational projects on Family Systems Therapy
Systemic (individual – так само не зустрічала зі словом individual) psychotherapy
Couples therapy