Валерій Бессараб

Bessarab Valerii

Email: vvbessarab@gmail.com
Phone: +38 067 795 73 99
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

During the last sixteen years, my practice associates with people’s psychological and professional development within their industrial relations and communication ways. I teach no one how to live neither interfere in managerial activities. I only help to find solutions you need.

Areas of activity:


Development and improvement of the leader’s necessary competencies, related to communication, management functions, decision-making methods, and self-motivation;

Assistance in finding solutions in the limited time circumstances;

Finding constructive patterns of behavior in situations when different cultural and individual values are present;

Support focused on professional growth conducted with analysis and choice of effective ways of interaction within the team.

Supervising groups, workers collective of an organization:

Improving the quality of communication between employees within teams, development of their cooperation in different work contexts;

Promoting professional reflection in decision-making under challenging situations;

Clarification and processing of work tasks, personal functions, and roles.

Staff’ and leaders’ support in the context of the organization’s reform that aims to adapt the team to new working conditions;

Stimulating the search for innovative ways of solving problems and new ideas;

Prevention of mobbing and burnout;

Diagnosing of interactions of organizations’ different sections and departments within the framework of communication and cooperation


Supervision and coaching following ANSE standards.

Former President of the USSC

Individual and group psychotherapy by the method of C. Rogers (client-centered therapy).

Registered member of the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy.

Higher education – Master’s degree in practical psychology

Work experience:

2018 – 2019: Private practice – individual coaching, supervising teams and organizations, psychotherapy.

2011 – 2017: Pakko-Holding Corporation – employee training specialist. Individual managers coaching. Evaluation, certification, and adaptation of employees.

2009 – 2017: Private practice – socio-psychological pieces of training. Coaching managers and small business owners. Individual psychotherapy.

2007 – 2008: Deputy Director of the psychological studio ‘AM-Veritas’. Finding corporate clients and establishing contacts with them. Conducting pieces of training, drawing up educational programs, psychotherapeutic practice.

2005 – 2007: Private practice – pieces of training, psychological counseling.