Lapina Marianna

Phone: +38 067 560 21 99
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

 National Pedagogical Dragomanov Universitypsychologist

– Educational project in the field of systemic family therapy UUAP (available in the register of psychotherapists of UUAP)

Areas of activity, experience, current activities

 Psychologistfamily therapist, private practice;

 Specialist in working with foster families who are raising children, deprived of parental care;

 Experience of working with IDP families (IDPs from Donetsk and Luhansk regions) and families in difficult life circumstances;

 Pieces of training for families and organizations;

 Supervision for foster families;

 Supervisions for psychologists.

Types of counseling, counseling approaches

– Counseling in the systemic psychotherapy approach: individual, married couples, and families. I have experience of field trips to the homes of families with many children;

– Advising and coaching executives and staff of organizations using the systemic approach.